YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Join us for free, healthy fun for the whole family! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015
11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Healthy Kids Day

Join us for YMCA Healthy Kids Day! It is a free community event, celebrating the growth and development of children and families. Healthy Kids Day events will take place at each of our six YMCA Health, Fitness and Aquatics centres across Niagara.

Activities for Healthy Kids Day focus on promoting three parts of healthy child development: 

  • Healthy Spirit: creating positive emotional experiences, promoting confidence and building strong relationships

  • Healthy Mind: developing cognitive and literacy skills and positive reflection

  • Healthy Body: developing skills in physical activity and learning about nutrition and safety.

Raising Healthy Kids

Raising healthy kids is every parent's goal. At the YMCA, we believe healthy kids are the foundation and future of healthy communities. We help kids grow healthier, stronger and more confident, to realize their full potential.

However, we know that the majority of children and youth in Canada are not getting adequate access to opportunities for active recreation and healthy living. The problems facing our kids are real:   

  • 84% of Canadian kids aged 3-4 are active enough to meet physical activity guidelines, this falls to only 7% of kids ages 5-11, and only 4% at ages 12-17.

  • Canadian kids aged 3-4 spend 5.8 hours a day being sedentary, those aged 5-11 spend 7.6 hours and those aged 12-17 spend 9.3 hours.

The 2014 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card shows that Canada currently ranks with a D- in overall Physical Activity. While Canadians make sure that their children are involved in structured physical activity, we need to focus on encouraging the accumulation of physical activitiy throughout the day (playing structured sports, adding more active play, and improving active transportation such as walking to school). Overall, kids need more room to move!

Click to read the full 2014 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card.

The YMCA models and incorporates healthy practices into its programs and activities for children and youth year round, and YMCA Healthy Kids Day places special emphasis on teaching children, youth and their families about exploring healthy living habits that will make a difference throughout the year.

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