Capital Campaign

Niagara West YMCA Capital Campaign

Imagine the possibilities of a place in the community where families can come together to enhance their health through a wide variety of fitness and aquatic activities, youth can gain lasting friendships and learn valuable leadership skills in a safe and caring environment, young adults can experience meaningful volunteer and employment opportunities and individuals can grow stronger in spirit, mind and body.

 Imagine all of this happening down the street in your own community. Imagine the Y in your community.

 There is an urgent need in Niagara…..

  • Today in Niagara, 58% of our population is inactive, falling well below the average of Ontario.
  • 33% of males and 30% of females watch more than three hours of TV a day during the school week
  • 34.1% of Niagara High School students say they wished they liked themselves more (Brock University, November 2001)
  • Positive meaningful recreation and social interaction for children is the leading factor in child and parent health (Browne, McMaster University)
  • 34.6% of single parent families with two children make less than $21,165 and 17.3% make less than $14,800 a year. (Canada Revenue Agency and Opportunities Niagara)

 In Response:  The YMCA

Our Mission and Vision serve to bind our purpose with the measurable outcomes of this plan.  We commit to do more with people than for people.  We will strive to turn everyday interactions into opportunities to strengthen relationships and make links between people, their families, and ultimately, communities.  Making a meaningful difference challenges us to be the place that can be there for all – to enter and re-enter in ways that matter most to people and their families.  As a result, the community will be healthier, more engaged, and more resilient – and so will the YMCA.

The tools we use to meet this challenge are represented by our programs, services and facilities.  In West Niagara we will build on a 150 year heritage which today serves over 75,000 people through a network of 133 YMCA locations throughout Niagara.  In pursuit of a mission of inclusiveness and involvement, today over 16,000 individuals are part of the YMCA community through financial assistance.

In Niagara West you have asked the YMCA to respond to a number of critical community needs:

  • To engage and expose youth to opportunities for growth and development in an environment that is safe, welcoming and value driven
  • To create a place for families to be together and build relationships
  • To help children and youth acquire new skills and self knowledge
  • To help individuals take responsibility for their own health – in spirit, mind and body
  • To reach out to people who feel isolated, gaining a sense of belonging and acceptance
  • To give people the opportunity to be of service to others

Meeting these needs in West Niagara requires a New YMCA:

A new YMCA will be the centre of the community and will welcome everyone to a wide range of programs and servicesThe Niagara West YMCA will be a 57,000 square foot facility located on Main Street close to Bartlett Avenue featuring:

  • A state-of-the-art Family indoor aquatic centre that is fully accessible
  • A multi- purpose gymnasium
  • A full health enhancement and fitness facility
  • Activity studios designed to accommodate a wide array of children, youth, adult programs and instructional programs
  • Specialized child minding facility to support families using the YMCA
  • Family change facilities

Strong Financial Commitment

Leaders in the community are embarking on a Strong YMCA Building Campaign to build a $20.5 million state-of-the-art facility opening in the spring of 2011. This campaign is designed to raise $2.5 million to ensure ownership and sustainability of the Niagara West YMCA for years to come.

Capital Funding Sources

Project Budget


$20.5 M

Federal Government

$6 M

Provincial Government

$6 M

Capital Campaign

$2.5 M


$3 M

YMCA Funds

$3 M

For more information contact Kristy McKitrick - Campaign Director
Telephone 905 646 9622 ext. 349

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