Registration for Child Care in Niagara flows through the Niagara Region Child Care Registry. To begin the registration process, please go to: and choose your preferred YMCA Child Care location. 

All YMCA Preschool Child Care Centres are licensed for children between 18 months and five years of age.

The YMCA School Age Child Care programs are licensed for children aged 3.8 to 12 years. Children must be school attenders to participate in school age programs. Part time care in both pre-school and school age centres is available on a very limited basis, and is vulnerable as the centre reaches capacity. If you are granted part time registration, and your component of care becomes full, you will be given the choice of taking full time care of forfeiting your space. We ask that, when purchasing part time days, these days stay the same every week.

You are requested to arrange an appointment for an initial visit and interview at the Centre. During this visit, you will receive an admission package, We require that all forms be completed and returned before your child's first day. It is absolutely essential that all information be completed, including emergency contact information, to ensure the safety and security of your child. Parents can help prepare children for their first day at YMCA Child Care by outlining to them the activities that they will be involved in throughout the day.


Child Care fees are charged monthly based on the number of days in the month and your child's registration. They will be automatically withdrawn from your account on either the 15th or 30th day of the month, or both. To ensure accuracy, we require confirmation of your child's registered days and your authorization to debit your account, along with either your credit card information or a void cheque. If an adjustment on your payment is required, it is reflected in the following month. Please contact the Centre Supervisor for details regarding the fees for the child care services that you need.

Full fees are charged for weeks with statutory holidays, including Labour Day, weeks with PA days in School Age Programs and weeks during which children miss any part due to illness. No fees are charged for the two-week Holiday break or for March Break in School Age. If schools/child care centres are closed due to inclement weather or unusual circumstances, regular fees apply.

Over the year, families accrue up to three weeks vacation time at 25% of your regular fee. Vacation times must be taken in one, two or three week blocks between September and August and are not accumulative. To guarantee the continuation of your child's care, or return to school age after summer vacation, we require full payment for any outstanding balance. Long term default on payment of fees will result in termination of care.

Financial Assistance

If you require a fee subsidy, please contact the Region of Niagara at 905 984 3750.

Late Fees

A late fee charge of $10.00 for every 10 minutes or part thereof will be charged after 6:00pm. If there is an emergency and you are going to be late, we would ask that you call the Centre to notify our staff.

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